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The story of this business family runs back to few decades. Back in 1942, Mr. Paththini Arachchige Ariyadasa arrived to Colombo from Ratnapura with nothing. Then he started working as labor at a construction company. This rural village man had a big heart. His story is truly an inspiring one. After few years Mr.Ariyadasa started selling lotteries in towns in Colombo. He was always determined to do better and his success was evident. He met Paththini Arachchige Ishwara Dayawathi and got married to her and they have six children together. Along with the marriage MR. Ariyadsa's businesses started to grow.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ariyadasa shifted to taxi business. He started working as a taxi driver in his own taxi. As stated earlier, this village man never got settled with what he got; always he wanted to do better. He was so ambitious and few years down the line he had seven taxies for hire. Taxi business generated a good income and with that he entered into construction industry where he had experience as a labor. This is the beginning of Daya Builders which became a successful road construction company in the country. Thus he laid a good platform for his six children to build upon. And almost all of his children are running successful businesses today.

The eldest of the six, Mr. Paththini Arachchige Anil is the owner of Nemsuji Pvt Ltd, Alicta Pvt Ltd and Ranasignhe Traders - Nittabuwa. Sri Lanka have few PVC pipes manufacturing companies and Mr. Anil is one of leaders in the Pipes industry with a considerable market share. The second child is Mrs.Paththini Arachchige Chithra Nandani who owns Munasinghe Hardware Stores - Thalahena.Mr. Paththini Arachchige Anurasiri who is the third child, also a successful business today. He owns Daya Builders Metal Crushers - Arangala and Anura Hardware Stores - Battaramulla. With the guidance of Mr. Ariyadasa many of his children are into construction and Hardware business. Mrs. Paththini Arachchige Sriyani the fourth child of the Ariyadasa family owns Rathna Hardware Stores - Ambagaha Handiya. Mr. Paththini Arachchige Jayantha owns a filling station, namely Daya Builders Filling Station. The last of the six Mrs. Paththini Arachchige Dammika is a housewife and married to a doctor.

The second daughter of the family, Mrs.Paththini Arachchige Chithra Nandani and her husband Mr. Munasinghage Sumanasiri have two children and the elder son is the owner of Chithrasumana Motors. Munasinghage Rajitha Prasad started Chithrasumana Motors back in 2006 just after his University Degree completion from Sri Jayawardenepura University Colombo. Mr. Rajitha also has completed up to CIMA UK third level. With a lot of hard work, he has made Chithrasumana Motors a successful business organization today. Mr. Rajitha is a past Anandian, and he has involved with family business since he was 12 years old child. Mr. Rajitha is father of one child and spends a well-balanced family life today. Mr. and Mrs. Munasinghage's second child, Mr. Munasinghage Dinusha is an undergraduate student at Sri Jayawardenepura University.

Earning profit is not the sole motive of Chithrasumana Motors. The top management always believes part of profit should definitely be allocated for the society. As a result, the company undertakes a lot of CSR projects aiming at children's welfare. Many school students and children with special needs are fed from Chithrasumana Care projects. Moving forward Mr. Rajitha, plans to establish a fund for poor children with the aim of making a brighter future for children.

"Quality Is Our Main Strength" has been the slogan for Chithrasumana Motors. Management always emphasizes on high customer satisfaction through providing quality vehicles. With the robust links Chithrasumana Motors has with the Japan, now you can import any branded reconditioned or brand new vehicle under any permit or even under your name. We import any vehicle in quick time and therefore you do not have stay long to get your dream vehicle. At Chithrasumana Motors, we also have vehicle exchange facility. Do not be late; contact us today for your dream vehicle!!

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